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What is the effect of the advantages and disadvantages of metal spraying technology?

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What is the effect of the advantages and disadvantages of metal spraying technology?



What is the effect of the advantages and disadvantages of metal spraying technology? Let the thermal spray processing manufacturers Xiaobian tell you

Spraying technology has always been a hot spot in the market, and the technological innovation is also constantly strengthening the metal spraying process. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a popular thermal spraying technology? After reading the following summary of these contents, we will understand.

With the rising price of raw materials in the market, thermal spraying technology shows more and more significant economic and technical benefits. The application of thermal spraying technology in many occasions can save many parts that should be scrapped. In addition, low-cost materials can be used to make parts, and then thermal spraying technology can be used for surface treatment, so that its wear resistance, rust resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance can meet the requirements. Metal spraying

There are also some shortcomings in metal spraying process

(1) The bonding strength between the metal spraying layer and the substrate is poor, and the tensile strength of the coating itself is also low. Therefore, it is not suitable for the repair of rolling, cutting and impact die.

(2) The porous structure of the coating is conducive to lubrication, but it is also prone to corrosion, so it is not suitable to use it when working in corrosive medium.

(3) The amount of splashing and sliding metal particles varies with various materials, and the high adhesion rate can only reach 90%. Therefore, more material loss is caused.

No matter what process, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Only in this way can there be room for progress. The advantages and disadvantages of metal spraying also play its own role in performance. We Jinhu Saiou Electric Co., Ltd. don't have to worry too much in this aspect. The partners who need to order can come to buy. We are always waiting for you.


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