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What is the technical principle of thermal spraying?

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What is the technical principle of thermal spraying?



Principle of thermal spraying thermal spraying refers to a series of processes of depositing fine and dispersed metallic or non-metallic coating materials on the surface of the prepared substrate in a molten or semi molten state. Some kind of spray deposition is formed. The coating material can be powder, strip, wire or rod. The thermal spraying gun provides the heat required by gas, arc or plasma arc, heats the thermal spraying material to plastic or molten state, and then bears the acceleration of compressed air to make the constrained particle beam impact the substrate surface. The particles on the impact surface are pressed to form a laminated plate, which is attached to the surface of the substrate, and then continuously cooled and accumulated to form a layered coating. Due to the different coating materials, the coating can achieve high temperature corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat insulation, electromagnetic wave resistance and other functions.

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