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Supersonic spraying process function

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Supersonic spraying process function



Supersonic spraying process function, supersonic spraying technology characteristics

The wire diameter should be consistent with the nozzle hole, and the error is (+ 0.0 mM-0.1 mm). If the error is too large, the wire feeding will be difficult.

The surface of wire rod shall be smooth without scraping notch and flash. Dirt, grease and other corrosive products on the surface will degrade the quality of coating. For spraying wire rod, if the chemical composition and physical function analysis are carried out, the diameter, uniformity and surface cleaning condition of wire rod shall be inspected, and the mechanical function of wire rod shall not be specially inspected.

The chemical function of spray wire is mainly detected by chemical element analysis, which is a traditional material composition analysis method. Through it, the element composition and proportion in the material can be determined.

WC was prepared by supersonic spraying_ The porosity and microhardness of 12Co and cr3c2-25nicr carbides cermet coatings were measured. The relationship between the quality loss of coating and the type and structure of coating was discussed. The wear appearance of coating was described by scanning electron microscope. The mechanism of wear loss of coating was analyzed.

The results show that the prepared cr3c2-25nicr and WC-12Co coatings have fine and dense arrangement, porosity of 1.36% and 2.769/6 respectively, excellent adhesion between the coating and the substrate, microhardness of 822hv and 1132hv respectively, and the wear quality loss of the coating is linearly related to the wear distance. The wear quality loss of cr3c2-25nicr coating is about three times that of WC-12Co coating; Furrow cutting is the main feature of the coating at the early stage of wear, and the cracking and falling of carbide particles are the main reasons for the failure of the coating at the later stage of wear.


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