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Importance of thermal spraying technology in surface engineering

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Importance of thermal spraying technology in surface engineering



Importance of thermal spraying technology in surface engineering

Surface engineering is one of the key technologies of industrial development in the 21st century. Surface technology can be divided into three categories: surface modification technology, film technology and coating technology. Thermal spraying technology is a very important technology in the field of surface engineering, accounting for about 1 / 3 of the surface engineering technology. It is a new technology for repairing and pre protecting mechanical parts developed in the 1950s abroad. It can prolong the service life of various mechanical equipment and vehicle parts.

The coating can strengthen or regenerate the surface properties (wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc.) of materials, play a protective role, and repair the size reduction of parts caused by wear and corrosion or machining out of tolerance. At the same time, it can also endow the material surface with special properties (electricity, light, magnetism, etc.). Now the widely used methods in production practice are flame spraying (including wire flame spraying, powder flame spraying, supersonic flame spraying, explosive spraying, etc.), plasma arc spraying and arc spraying. Based on the great potential of thermal spraying Market and its social and economic benefits, thermal spraying technology has received great attention in the world.


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