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Tel: 15161728000 (Mr. Ji)

Fax: 0517-86882716 (general manager Ji)

0517-86871108 (quarterly total)

Email: saioudianqi@163.com

Website: en.sodq-cn.com

Address: No.23 Jiankang Road, Jinhu County, Jiangsu Province

Factory address: Guantang market town, dailou Town, Jinhu County

Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture


Over the years, we have been striving for survival by quality and promoting development by innovation, which has enabled Jinhu Saiou Electric Co., Ltd. to step onto the cross lane of high-speed development. The scale of the enterprise has gradually expanded, the equipment has been continuously upgraded and transformed, and has opened up a broader market with excellent quality.

In line with the enterprise tenet of building a first-class enterprise, creating a first-class service and making a first-class brand, we always adhere to the spirit of honesty, pioneering and innovation.

Business philosophy: quality-oriented, pioneering and enterprising, keep improving, trustworthy and create reputation

Service tenet: customer-oriented, quality oriented, excellence oriented, and innovation oriented