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Advantages of supersonic spraying technology

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Advantages of supersonic spraying technology



Advantages of supersonic spraying technology? Hong Jie tells you

Hvof-tcy-iii is a new type of maintenance and remanufacturing engineering equipment. Its working principle is that the gas (propane) and combustion supporting gas (oxygen) are transported to the spray gun at a certain pressure and flow rate, and ignited in the high pressure combustion chamber. According to the slender Laval nozzle, the supersonic velocity is formed, and the powder is sent into the flowing flame, It is heated and accelerated in motion, and sprayed on the surface of workpiece at high speed to form coating.

Advantages of supersonic spraying

1. The quality of supersonic spraying film is good, and the coating is smooth and fine without brush mark. It will spray the paint under pressure into fine particles, so that they are evenly distributed on the wall surface, so that the latex paint can form a smooth, smooth, dense coating on the wall without brush marks and rolling marks, which is incomparable with the original methods such as brush and rolling.

2. High efficiency of thermal spraying. The spraying efficiency of single person operation is as high as 200-500 m2 / h, which is 10-15 times of manual brushing.

3. Supersonic spraying has good adhesion and long coating life. It uses high pressure jet to make the atomized coating particles obtain strong kinetic energy; With this kinetic energy, the coating particles can shoot into the pores to make the paint film more compact, so as to enhance the mechanical bite force between the paint film and the wall, improve the adhesion of the coating, and effectively prolong the service life of the coating.


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