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What are the characteristics of thermal spraying technology! ?

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What are the characteristics of thermal spraying technology! ?



With the development of science and technology, the production and processing technology has been rapidly improved. Now the processing of many workpieces is very important, and the processing technology requirements are relatively high, which can further ensure the quality of products. Many products need surface treatment in production, which is a very important step. There are many kinds of processing methods in processing. How different these processing methods are, but each has its own advantages.

Now metal spraying manufacturers take you to understand the thermal spraying processing, which is a very common surface treatment method, let's have a look.

① A wide range of materials can be sprayed, including a variety of metals and alloys, ceramics and cermets. It can prepare various functional coatings such as anti-wear, antifriction, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation and conductivity;

② The coating has high deposition efficiency, especially suitable for thin film deposition, and the coating thickness can be controlled;

③ The professional thermal spraying process has little thermal effect on the substrate, and the heating temperature of the substrate does not exceed 300 ℃, and the substrate will not deform or change its performance;

④ On the premise of meeting the strength requirements, ordinary materials can be used instead of valuable materials for the substrate of the parts, and only excellent materials are used for the coating, which can greatly reduce the cost;

⑤ Thermal spraying technology is flexible, convenient, rapid and adaptable.

The above is the introduction of thermal spraying process, the article mainly introduces the characteristics of thermal spraying process, after understanding, we also have an understanding of thermal spraying. Now many products are using thermal spraying processing technology, which can ensure good processing effect, and the processed products have also been recognized by people. About the thermal spraying process is introduced here, I believe you are unfamiliar with the thermal spraying process, if you are interested, you can contact us to further understand the thermal spraying process.


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