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Metal spraying manufacturers introduce the applicable temperature of tungsten carbide spraying for everyone!

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Metal spraying manufacturers introduce the applicable temperature of tungsten carbide spraying for everyone!


As a common wear-resistant coating in industrial application, tungsten carbide coating is not known for its temperature. How many temperatures does WC coating have good effect? Today, metal spray manufacturers will introduce you!

For example, tungsten carbide coating is used for stamping die


The service temperature of tungsten carbide coating is recommended to be less than 350 ℃. The temperature resistance of the material is related to the composition. The carbon and tungsten are mainly in the tungsten carbide coating. When the carbon and tungsten are separated and the carbon is diluted at high temperature, the tungsten carbide coating loses its original structure and affects the hardness of the tungsten carbide coating.

Therefore, it is recommended that the service temperature of WC coating should be within 350 ℃.

Supersonic spraying manufacturers are mainly engaged in thermal spraying, laser surface treatment technology research and application of enterprises, and provide metal surface material preparation and selection and related technical consulting services. We have accumulated a lot of successful experience in thermal spraying, laser surface heat treatment and laser repair. We sincerely cooperate with manufacturers in various industries to solve the technical problems of surface repair, hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of mechanical parts, and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise!

With excellent technology, excellent quality and excellent after-sales service, our products are well received by our customers. Welcome to consult tungsten carbide spraying.


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