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What are the advantages of thermal spraying technology?

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What are the advantages of thermal spraying technology?



At present, thermal spraying technology has been widely used in China

(1) Large area long-term protection technology has been widely used. For steel structures exposed to the outdoor atmosphere for a long time, spraying lead, zinc and its alloy coating instead of traditional painting method is adopted to implement cathodic protection for long-term atmospheric corrosion protection, which has been developed rapidly in recent years. Such as TV Tower, bridge, highway facilities, sluice gate, microwave tower, high-voltage transmission tower, underground cable support, buoy, shaft and other large-scale projects have adopted the method of spraying lead, zinc and its alloy for anti-corrosion. At present, there are dozens of professional spraying factories in China, and the spraying area is more than several million square meters every year. This technology is not only widely used in China, but also in foreign aid projects.

(2) In recent years, there have been many successful applications of thermal spraying technology in repairing and strengthening large-scale key equipment and imported parts. For example: one meter seven rolling mill, high-speed fan rotor, large extruder plug, large gear, electrode extrusion forming spray, high-power automobile crankshaft and so on; Second, it has saved a lot of foreign exchange.

(3) With the development and improvement of thermal spraying technology in China, the application of HVOF spraying technology requires higher and higher coating quality. In recent years, the high speed fuel gas (HVOF) process developed in the United States and other countries is a new process for preparing high-quality coatings. Due to many advantages of HVOF spraying, nearly ten sets of equipment have been imported from abroad, which play an important role in various industrial sectors.

(4) Gas deflagration spraying technology has been further applied. Because the particle flying speed of this spraying technology can reach more than 800m / s, the bonding strength between coating and substrate can reach more than 100MPa, and the porosity is less than 1%, it is better than other spraying methods in some fields. At present, more than 10 sets have been installed in China.

(5) Oxyacetylene flame plastic powder spraying technology is developing rapidly. As mentioned above, in recent years, a number of domestic manufacturers have produced oxyacetylene flame plastic powder spraying equipment, which has been used in chemical storage, pipeline, ceramic industry, plate and frame of Shanghai clay machine, cloth guide roller in printing and dyeing industry, belt conveyor casting (cast iron) idler in coal industry, and injection molding equipment in petroleum industry, And surface decoration


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