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What are the uses and characteristics of supersonic spraying?

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What are the uses and characteristics of supersonic spraying?


Supersonic spraying has become the mainstream development direction of thermal spraying technology, and has penetrated into various fields abroad: petrochemical, machinery, printing and aerospace, metallurgy, electric power, plastics and other industrial sectors. Especially in the high-tech field, the high-quality coating of supersonic spraying meets the strict requirements of materials in aerospace, atomic energy and other fields. In addition, the wear of turbine fixed parts and rotating parts caused by solid particle wear is a difficult problem in hydropower industry. At present, HVOF technology has been used to solve the corrosion problem of components. Today, the supersonic spraying manufacturer will show you the purpose of supersonic spraying? What are the characteristics?


1. It has huge energy, input power of 320kw, high output power of 270kw, equivalent to the total energy of seven ordinary plasma guns, flame speed > 2900m / s, temperature about 13000 ~ 15000 ℃, powder flight speed > 700m / s, excellent coating performance, suitable for spraying oxide ceramics and local bonding gold.

2. The principle of the coating is similar to that of jp-5000. The ceramic coating obtained is very reliable.

3. The principle of the coating is similar to that of jp-5000.

4. The micro hardness of the same material can be increased by 50-100%. The Cr 2O 3 HV is 1680, and the common plasma spraying is 950-1000. German Cr2O3 Plazjet coating technology has been successfully applied to four-color printing machinery and ball valve. Chromium oxide (Cr2O3) is a kind of spraying material.

It is a dark green powder with stable chemical properties. Insoluble in acid, alkali, salt and various solvents. It is very stable in high temperature etching gas (SO2, H2S). Hardness HRC > 70, friction coefficient is small. It is an excellent oxide ceramic anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coating material. Composite chromium oxide is based on chromium oxide, adding silica and titanium dioxide. Compared with pure Cr2O3, the addition of SiO2 and TiO2 improves the spraying process performance, the coating is more compact, and the wear resistance is 1.5 times that of pure Cr2O3. Because its anti adhesion performance is better than that of WC, its friction coefficient is less than that of WC, and its anti-corrosion ability is much better than that of WC. Their hardness is similar, but their performance is sometimes even better than that of tungsten carbide based materials.


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